Thursday, May 2, 2013

Karen's Island Update #3 A visit to Pacific Nature at The Queens' Market Place

Today was so exciting I found a doll lovers gem here on the Island of Kona.
I was so pleased to see so many of my Springfield Doll Friends for sale and on display in this fun shop. $75 gets you your own Springfield Doll Dressed in Handmade Hawaiian Fashions.
  In addition to the outfits for the 18 inch dolls which were priced at $24.95 you could also find bitty baby and twin sized outfits, accessories and barbie outfits for your dolls. Prices started at $2.95 to $75
My mother in law kindly purchased me the set in the photo bottom right for my doll Ivy.
Dress by Blue Turtle Collections, accessories by Pacific Nature

I purchased an outfit made for a "Barbie",  for my mini ivy doll. It was $12.99  and included 8 pieces.
The best part is the doll can wear the dress with out the grass skirt, so it is two outfits in one!
I was very thrilled with my purchase!

A great deal was this $1.99 bag of Kona Sea salt which came in these little bags which are perfect for Doll Play! When I get home I will glue that little flower on to the bag! This was a great fun find! 
Today was one of the most successful dolly days yet!

Unfortunately Pacific Nature doesn't do shipping or on line shopping but if you ever find your way to Kona, Hawaii I highly recommend a stop here. Pacific Nature is located at the Queens' Market Place Space #J-8 201 Waikoloa, HI 96738 and you can reach them by phone at (808) 886-8919
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  1. Awesome doll finds! I bet its so beautiful there!!

  2. Does this store have a web site? How can you buy the doll clothes without visiting the store if they don't have a website?