Friday, May 10, 2013

Madelon's Mini Kit Adventures! Mini Doll Fun Finds!

I love the Mini Dolls and Madelon has kindly shared some of her Mini Doll Re purposed Finds with us today. I think you will agree Mini Dolls have as much play potential as the 18 inch dolls with just a little imagination you can create an entire dolly world at a fraction of the cost!
Here Madelon's Mini Kit sports a Hawaiian Inspired Outfit thanks to an outfit meant for Barbie, this dress purchased at Walmart for under a $4.
Often Barbie outfits will fit our mini's with wonderful results, keep your eyes open for fun new fashions, pull out your old Barbie sewing patterns or Barbie doll clothes from your own collections. Use what you have.

Turns out doll collecting runs in Madelon's family, with this miniature sewing machine that Madelon's mom purchased.
This mini sewing machine and table is perfect as Madelon points out it is just like one Kit may have used in her time.
Such a great mini doll find!
How about this fantastic mini tea service for two. Madelon found on one of her dollar store trips!
This set works wonderfully for the mini dolls and is as much fun to look at as to play with !
 The Peter Rabbit Detail is exquisite.
Kit is ready for tea! I love this set and all Madelon's wonderful finds. I am truly inspired by these photos and ideas. I hope you have been as well. Remember to keep your eyes out for fun finds for mini's like these in your every day travels.
Thank you Madelon for all your wonderful ideas and photos!
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  1. Super cute! I love the sewing machine! What a find.