Monday, May 6, 2013

Brandy Makes Over A Rescue Kirsten Doll For Her Daughter

Brandy recently gave her daughter an Kirsten American Girl Retired Doll, that Brandy had to make over before she could giver her to her daughter as a gift.

"The doll had to be completely cleaned.  Her hair was brushed, washed, and flat
 ironed.  Flat ironing was my only option because her hair was very dry and
frizzy.  Took me almost 3 hours because the hair was so tangled.  I had
already flat ironed the left side before I remembered I needed a "before
picture."  The straggly ends of her hair were  then trimmed."

"As you can see the doll had lost all of her pink coloring to her complexion.
I used red face painting make-up and very little, applied it to the dolls
cheeks.  I used a very fine detail paint brush and q-tip to apply the
make-up to the lips.  You have to be careful not to get any on the teeth.  I
chose face painting make-up because it is more like paint and it if let to
dry it will stain its surface."

All of the doll's clothing was washed and repaired.  I think she turned out
 I can not believe the difference in the doll!
Brandy did a great job and her Dolly Make Over don't you think? I can not believe how much work went in to this make over and I know just how much this labor of love will be appreciated!
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  1. Great result, she looks like she has always been well cared for- you'd never know!