Monday, May 27, 2013

Old 6 Inch American Girl Dolls Vs New

Madelon and I were talking recently about the original 6 inch American Girl Dolls and she kindly shared some photos with me of her 6 inch dolls.
The original 6 inch dolls had eyes that were glass. Today's dolls eyes have been painted on just like a Barbie Doll's
I am curious what everyone thinks about the differences in the dolls features. I would love to hear your comments!
In this photo you can see that the hair is much different in style and color. I wonder if the original dolls hair is rooted or a wig?
Here they are from behind. The newer doll seems to have more highlights to her hair.
I would love to know what you think, are the Original ones better? Do you like the way the new dolls look?
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  1. As much as I prefer inset eyes, I'm not a fan of the yellow skin tone. The new one's hair looks better too, though that may be because it is newer. Overall, they're quite cute! I was never a mini doll person before but I think you've converted me.

    1. My sister bought a set of the original mini dolls years ago. While I loved the little bodies and wonderful detail of their clothing, I could never get around all the white in their eyes. I like the idea of the glass eyes, but they just look a little bug-eyed to me. So, I didn't get any of my own.

      Years later, I bought a painted-eye mini Kit from amazon at a nicely reduced price. I was smitten and quickly started acquiring more. Twenty-three dolls and 924 photos later, you might say they've become an obsession. :)

  2. I wonder how much of the hair/skin tones problems are age induced. Loved that when they did the new one's they kept to her clothing and little peek through teeth designs.

  3. I have some painted eye mini dolls and some glass eye ones...
    My Kirsten, Samantha and Molly are glass eyed and wigged.
    Their skintone does not differ much from that of my newer girls, though Sam is a little bit yellower than the others, so it may indeed be age/environment induced.

    Personally, I don´t think either version of the dolls is "better" -they are all equally charming in their own right. Dawn, I love love love your flickr!