Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hawaiian Dress Patterns From Eden Ava, Which to choose?

While on Vacation in Hawaii, I picked up some truly fun fabric and now it is time to start sewing some Hawaiian Dresses. But the problem is which pattern would you choose?
The above pattern is offered on the Liberty Jane Pattern Website as well as their Etsy Site for PDF Downloadable patterns.
The above pattern is designed by Eden Ava and is a front runner in my favorites at the moment. You can view the Etsy Shop Pattern by clicking here
Also a Fun & Easy Pattern also by Eden Ava and you can see how hard it will be too choose! Click here for Liberty Jane Etsy Shop Pattern site
Also offered by Eden Ava is this Sundress pattern that offers two bodice styles and looks very easy to sew! Click here for Liberty Jane Etsy Shop listing.
 I would love to know which styles you prefer! I have a bag of fabric just waiting for the perfect patterns!
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  1. I think you should get the Muu Muu pattern -- it looks most traditional. Also, the middle one is one you could recreate with some of the free patterns on line and the last one is just a simple sundress with either a ruffle or beading added. I think you should try a variety of styles, but the Muu Muu pattern is the one that is most unique.

  2. I vote for the first style as well. i think it looks the most authentically Hawaiian.