Monday, May 20, 2013

Spotlight on Girls & Dolls an Etsy Shop by LoriLiz

I have recently had the pleasure of connecting with another wonderful Etsy shop owner Loren of Girls & Dolls. Loren shared a bit about her shop and sewing and today I am sharing our interview with all of you.
What attracted me to Loren's shop was the colors and styles that my own nieces would love to wear.
I started by asking Loren how long she had been sewing for and what motivates her to sew still today...
Loren: "I grew up watching my mom sew. I dabbled in making some pieces for myself as a teenager, fashion being my absolute passion. I thought I could own some of the Vogue styles, at much less the cost. Needless to say, that failed miserably, and I decided sewing wasn't my forte. However, I picked it back up again as a mom, making my daughter clothes when she was a baby/toddler. That was fun! I love the creativity of sewing, and being able to design something that's unique."

I also wanted to know how Loren came to be an Etsy shop owner and how she began sewing for American Girl /18 inch dolls...
Loren: "When I started my business, I actually designed baby and toddler clothing. Coco and Kellan were young, and I was surrounded by mom's with kids the same age, and babies on the way. But the children's market was/is so saturated with similar items that I made, that it was difficult to differentiate myself. So as my kids grew, my company did too, in a different direction, as I realized what a huge, and untapped market the American Girl® doll industry is. I have always had a partner, Terry, who is a true seamstress by trade. She's brilliant with a sewing machine. And she has always loved sewing doll clothes (which started with Barbie clothes). So together, with my love for fashion, and her sewing expertise, we collaborate to make modern, fashion-forward designs for 18" dolls."

I always love to know what Etsy shop owners like to make most and I have to agree with Loren on her answer, I truly loved this outfit too, I wonder if she would make it in my size as well?
Loren:  "I love seeing the results of the the matching nightgowns and dresses. My favorite dress right now is the black and white polka dot sundress with a hot pink sash. It's dynamite in person!"

"I also think our bathing suits are amazing! I think we have a run on the market with our styles (and since Spandex is such a pain to work with no one wants to attempt it). The yellow and floral bikini with white coverup and sandals is too adorable."

One of the things I love about Etsy owners who sew for dolls is that they are usually doll lovers themselves! I always ask and love to know what dolls shop owners have....
Loren: "I have 3 dolls: Kit, which was a hand-me-down from my niece, who is still an American Girl fan at heart. I also have two My American Girls: one that was my daughter's, who thought she might try getting into the doll trend, but truly hates it (I have to pay her to model for me); and I am embarrassed to say that I just got a red head for my 44th birthday from my mom. It was sort of a joke, and meant to be used for my business, but I have to admit, I love her!"

I also like to know why shop owners choose Etsy...
Loren: "I actually struggled against opening up an Etsy shop with my baby clothes. I did, just to see what it was all about in 2010. But I never really used it, until I started doing Girls & Dolls™ in 2012. I thought having my own website was much more savvy and sophisticated. Especially, since my background is design and marketing - I wanted more freedom of expression. Boy was I wrong! Etsy has been great! I am truly impressed with everything they do and have to offer."

I asked Loren to share a bit about what she would like my readers to know....

Loren: "I strive to offer high end, stylish clothes for the dolls; something a girl might wear herself. I am constantly perusing catalogs and magazines to keep up with the seasons and trends. I welcome suggestions and comments in order to make my customer's shopping experience great each time they come back. Enjoy!"

Thank you to Loren for sharing with us today about her shop and sewing passion. I hope you enjoyed today's post and that you will visit Girls & Dolls. You can do so by clicking any of the highlighted words in this post. 

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