Friday, May 31, 2013

Welcome To Emerald The Latest Addition To The Dolls House, Doll Collection!

The Dolls House Dolls have a new Doll in their collection. Emerald is the latest in an already impressive and pretty doll line in the UK. 

What makes Emerald so much different then the other dolls in The Dolls House Collection you may ask? Well you can order the length of hair you wish for her to have.

Additionally you can also pick your dolls Eye Color! You can customize your Emerald Dolls hair length and eyes, something I have not found in other doll companies! Customizations can be very expensive and The Dolls House Doll Emerald is priced at £59.99
Click here to meet her!

 I have Ruby, A doll from The Dolls House,  who is one of the newer dolls in my collection and she is one of my favorites, her long hair and curls make her a favorite and she is so easy to play with and love. 
Check out all the fun The Dolls House Dolls have to offer by clicking any of the highlighted words in this post or by clicking here.  

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  1. Thanks Karen, very appreciated and very kind of you. I'm so pleased you're still enjoying Ruby, she seems as though she has settled in with her new family very well! Look forward to reading more of your exciting and colourful posts. Warm regards Sky x

  2. Those dolls sure are beauties! I wonder if they use the same wig for Ruby that is used for Lyric of Harmony Club Dolls?

  3. Oh! I forgot to ask, do their eyes open and close?