Friday, June 21, 2013

Spotlight on Nap Time and and their Dolly Fairy Tale Dress Tutorial

A huge thank you to one of our blog readers Jessica T for bringing this amazing website and tutorial to my attention. Over at  and  Jessica came across a great Dress Making Tutorial for our 18 inch dolls originally published in February.

This fantastic tutorial even have printable pattern pieces and a photo of the steps to show you how you can create your own dress for your dolls both 18 inch and bitty's!

As I am a self taught sewer I really appreciate tutorials like this and learning how to attach the ribbon bow and the petal sleeve is so darling!
Thank you to Jessica T for sharing this with us today and Thank you to and for making tutorials like this for doll lovers like us.

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  1. I love nap Time Crafters. She sells children's patterns in her shop and a couple of them come with matching doll patterns.