Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Visit With Sweet Peas Bows N More Etsy Shop

Today I am pleased to share with you a recent interview with Sweet Peas Bows N More Etsy Shop.
Sweet Peas Bows N More makes and sells adorable items for girls and their dolls.
How did you get started making items for 18 inch dolls?

"I live near Atlanta where there is an American Girl Doll store in the North Point mall. We did a weekend getaway at the Mariott up the road from the mall. This Mariott specializes in tourist groups who are visiting the store. (Such as giving all the girls pink robes and doing spa days). I was talking with some of the moms there and we had discussed how expensive the outfits are. This is where I decided that I could create cute little outfits and sell them for a reasonable price."

Which Dolls Do you have?

" I have one American Girl Doll, Josefine. She is kept put up until one day I hope to have a little girl. I have three other 18" Dolls for modeling purposes. I have two of the My Life Dolls from Walmart. The Ballerina & The Cowgirl. I also have one that I picked up from Joannes."

How long does each item take you to make?

 "Depending on what I am creating, most outfits take anywhere from 2-4 hrs to complete the entire set."

What is your favorite thing to make for dolls?

"I love making skirts and shirt sets that come complete with hair bows and purses."

What inspires you to create?
"I love working with people and creating cute girly items."

What would you like my readers to know about yourself, your shop, your family etc?
"I am a stay at home Mommy of two and believe it or not they are both little boys. I take pride in everything I create. My items are reasonably priced not because they are cheap or lacking quality but because I am not doing this to make a fortune doing it. I am doing this because I love what I do and just want to make a little to help ends meet."

 Thank you To Sweet Peas Bows for sharing with us about her shop!
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