Saturday, June 22, 2013

Repurposed Cutie Pie brand baby dress for $6.99

Madelon shares with us today her latest re purposed baby dress into a a great dress for her dolls wardrobe.
Madelon went shopping at TJ Maxx.  "I saw this one piece baby top with shorts and thought it would make a great 18 inch doll outfit."
 "I love the feel of the tee shirt top and the scoop of the neck." To make it fit the 18 inch dolls, Madelon "All I did was tie it through the armholes"

This was a great find keep your eyes open for clothes for your dolls you can re-purpose from baby clothing! 
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  1. Do you know what size it was originally?

    I've been looking at baby clothes lately with this same idea in mind, but I never know what size will need the least amount of re-doing.

  2. Hi! what doll is this? like what brand is it?