Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Visit With Sylvia of Beach Baby Doll

Today I want to share with you an interview with Sylvia  of  BeachBabyDoll.com 
It is always a true delight to discuss the love of Dolls with Doll Lovers and I hope you will enjoy today's Post. 

"I just love dolls, always have and always will! When I was a girl, my twin sister and I had many hours of play, setting up our paper dolls in the living room or turning the whole living room and the whole house into a doll hospital for our dolls. We used Mama's tea cart for our gurney. Our dentist gave us a bunch of little tiny bottles to use.My grandma made me rag dolls My aunt made me some doll clotheseven a dutch girl doll costume for a school project.. My uncle made cradles. My mom, dad and uncle, a play house. Play was a family affair. Nothing elaborate, just simple.We didn't have a play room or a family room, but our parents loved our imaginative play so we were able to just spread out everywhere. I treasure that time of play with my sister and best friends and all our dolls."

"When my own children were born, both of them had lots of fun with dolls. My son was first, and of
course, he didn't call them dolls, but ACTION FIGURES. I found some old wooden cabbage crates and made him a hide-out for his action figures. We had fun improvising items for his “men”. When he was older and my daughter was born, he made her a really great wooden Barbie house. I made some fabric and cardboard furniture and clothes. Then there was Cabbage Patch. One of my church friends made gorgeous creations for Cabbage Patch dolls. I made a mental note that one day, when I had time, I  wanted to have a hand made doll clothes shop too."

"That dream came when I retired, after a 37 year long career of nursing (which started with that
imaginative play). My other dream in my heart was to be able to share Jesus' blessings to children and I believe, that's how God works. Through the seasons of your life, He can weave the fibers of your life's tapestry into His Purpose. I wanted to help children at my church go to Christian summer camp and I loved making doll clothes so BeachBabyDoll was born. What I enjoyed most was making simple  patterns for play dolls and fashion dolls too."

"Most of my customers are moms, aunts or grand moms who sew for others, usually to give as gifts. In today's economy, people like simple sewing projects with fast results that look really great. Many people are just learning to sew and like detailed directions and photos. That's the type of patterrns I make. My first love was making 18 inch doll clothes but when I started making patterns, I realized that there was a need for patterns for other doll brands as well. Now I make patterns for 23 inch dolls like My Twinn, 14 inch doll similar to Hearts for Hearts and Les Cheries, 16 inch fashion dolls like Ellowyne, Antoinette, Madame Alexander, 18 inch girl dolls, and now that I have acquired every size Cabbage Patch, I hope to be making some patterns for them too"
You can visit Beach Baby Doll:

I want to say a huge thank you to Sylvia for sharing with us about her love of dolls and a hint to some of you Sewing Along With Me this year One of Sylvia's Patterns will be Our Next Sew Along With Me Pattern... So Check out Beach Baby Doll I know you will be glad you did!
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  1. Thank you so much, Karen, for this posting! You are so encouraging to everybody! I love your sewing and crafting ideas for dolls and wish I had 36 hour days sometimes to get them all in! Sylvia

  2. I have MY twinn dolls and want to make clothes to put away for my "imaginary" grand children. I bought dolls for my 2 kids in '97 & '99. I just bought 2 on ebay for cheap, considering what I paid for the custom dolls in the late 90s. I will say, beyond missing eyelashes, those puppies have held up well and were worth the money. I just can't find any patterns to fit the "kids." Now I want to sew for the dolls and make cardboard furniture, and not sew for my business. Oh well... thanks.