Monday, June 24, 2013

Mini Monday With Madelon and her Mini Ivy, Let's Take A Virtual Vacation Atlantic City!

One of the things I love about the Mini's is how easy it is to pop them in your bag and travel with them. Madelon shares with us today her recent trip with her mini's.
"Mini-Ivy visits the Steel Pier in Atlantic City. This pier has great history for New Jersey.,I have attached a link if you want to see it. I was too young to watch the horse dive from the pier but I have seen pictures."

As many of you know this is an area that was heavy damaged just a few months ago and look how fantastic it looks now!

With so much history to the Peer Madelon even shared a link for those of us who can only travel by internet to find out more about this amazing historical site! Click here to find out more.

Thank You Madelon and Mini Ivy for taking us on your trip! We would love to hear more about your own trips with your Mini Dolls, Feel free to share with us your stories and your photos and we will post them here on our blog for others to take Virtual Vacations and learn a bit more about this amazing world we live in!
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