Saturday, June 1, 2013

Have You Heard About Toys R Us' New Store Called WONDERLAB??

Today I had the good fortune to attend Toys R Us Wonderlab's Grand Opening. The store was amazing and my boys and I loved it.

With a focus on educational and learning toys WONDERLAB, is a store that I as a mother and consumer I give my Karen Mom of Three Stamp of Approval.

As a doll lover I got very excited with the different line of dolls that Wonderlab carries. This brand new line of wonderful cloth dolls called Mooshka Tot Dolls. These beautifully designed dolls just arrived and are so new they were brought directly from the factory to Wonderlab for the grand opening!
These soft cloth dolls, come with a finger puppet and a book, as well as a link to a free E book download from the App Store!
These dolls are truly adorable and as a doll lover and Mom, you are going to want to add these dolls to  your doll play collections!
Offered by Wonderlab for $14.99
As this is a dolly blog you may be interested to hear about some of the other wonderful doll finds offered by Wonderlab
The Journey Girl Section is the largest I have seen in Canada. I love this line of 18 inch dolls and I have talked for years about how important it is for Canadian Girls to get to experience creative doll play as they grow up.Wonderlab and Toys R Us  have made it even easier to get these Dolls to Canadian Girls, by offering such a great assortment of the Journey Girl line in their stores, making them more accessible then  Maplelea Dolls and American Girl Dolls while still offering them under $40 each.  Journey Girl dolls make wonderful gifts. Though they are sized differently from the waist down from other 18 inch dolls on the market, these fashion forward dolls will keep your pre-teen's attention. A bonus is that most 18 inch doll clothes on the market will work on Journey Girl Dolls. That being said there are so many great accessories and play sets offered from Journey Girl you will be happy to add this Best Friend Doll Line to your Doll Collections and Family!
If you get a chance to see these dolls in person they are more beautiful then I was able to capture on my I phone.
Journey Girls line offered at Wonderlab from $12.99 and up.
Also offered and not shown is the fantastic Journey Girl Bunk Bed we have featured before.
I have to tell you just how exciting it was to see a Playmobil Queen that was the same size as me! I have loved Playmobil since I was 7 years old and got my first figure in a Happy Meal from McDonalds. I have been a customer of Playmobil for years and can not bring myself to part with my collection.  The line of "girly" Playmobil has always appealed to me and as a bonus, Playmobil make great "toys" for your 18 inch dolls as well.
Calico Critters are just as appealing to me now as they were when I as growing up. Their tiny little families and accessories have only gotten better and more delightful over the years. This is a fun section to take in. I was thrilled to see these in store, until recently you had to find exclusive and expensive toy stores to purchase Calico Critters, Wonderlab makes these wonderful toys not only accessible but affordable as well!
The Coroelle section of dolls has always amazed me. The soft features and the ethnic divers dolls are so endearing and I can not help myself when I walk by them but to pick them up and study their fine features.
Canada's Globe and Mail recently featured an article on Wonderlab and the direction that Toys R Us is taking for it's new stores. To read that article please click here.
Another area that impressed me at Wonderlab was the fantastic Crayola Section. As a Craft Editor and creative person I get very excited when so many fantastic items are in one place.

I feel very lucky that Wonderlab is with in walking distance of my home and such a wonderful addition to our neighborhood.
 I look forward to spending many hours shopping in this store. The staff are knowledgeable  and the store is very welcoming. I hope they open more Wonderlabs so you can all experience a store that truly focuses on learning through play, encourages imagination and development on a multisensory level, through in store demos and interactive displays.Visit the store at 1331 Marine Drive in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.
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  1. Hi Karen! Thanks so much for your post about the new Mooshka Dolls from MGA! I think you may have captured the first photos of these girls! :D I wanted to let you know I shared your photos with the Lalaloopsy fans at and gave credit to you with a link back to your amazing blog. Thanks again! Can't wait to see these dolls show up in the US!! ~BananasMom

  2. Thanks BananasMom! I am thrilled to hear from you! Thank you for passing on my info!