Monday, June 3, 2013

Madelon's Fashion Forward Doll Skirt made from Toddler Pants!

 Today Madelon shows us how to create a great skirt for your doll using toddler pants.

"I love the Lilly Pulizter prints, but the clothes are too expensive just to buy on sale. Awhile ago I cut apart a pair of toddler pants. It is so easy as you, to make no-sew clothes. This is the bottom of the cotton pants with top folded down!"
 Simply by folding the cut edge down you have created a great skirt for your doll. You can sew it if you want or use glue dots but this no sew skirt is so much fun!
This is a simple easy and fun doll skirt you can make with any toddler pants. But what to do with the other leg of the pants?

Create a fun full length strapless dress for your dolls. Just like Madelon did for her dolls! Even the slit in the pant leg bottom adds to the finished look of the dress!

Accessorize with a fun girl sized bracelet! You can find some really fun bracelets at your dollar and party stores that make great necklaces for our dolls!
Thank you to Madelon today for sharing her fun find and great idea with us today. Even if you do not sew you can still create fun outfits for your dolls and add to your doll play collections with a little imagination.
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  1. I am not really into sewing or other crafty stuffs but these dolls clothes made me want to try making one. These look so cute. And I really love it.