Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Visit With MJ's Doll Boutique and Etsy Shop Owner Mindy

 Today I am so excited to share with you an interview with Mindy of MJ's Doll Boutique. I love to Window shop on Etsy and share my favorites with you. I recently found MJ's and thought you might enjoy her work as well.
Her swim outfit shown above caught my eye first and is one of the reasons I want to share her shop with all of you

I sent some questions off to Mindy and will share with you in her own words the answers she shared with me.
KMOF3: How did you come to sew for 18 inch dolls?
"First let me start by saying I have no the way I even heard about 18" dolls was by my Boss about 2 years ago. She was buying AMG clothes for her granddaughters and had them sent to the store where I am employed. When I saw them, I thought those are adorable! I had sewn since high school, and made lots of my clothes up until I was 40. Then I started making dog hats....they were cute too, but got old. From there I sewed....are you ready for this....remember when the cement geese were so popular and everyone dressed them....well I had 3 of those in different sizes. ALL of the time, holidays especially, they were out on my front porch dressed in their finest! Well, when that trend died, folks just thought I was nuts LOL. So, when I saw those 18" doll clothes, I thought THAT I can make. And the money she paid for them.....well I knew I was going to find out all about these 18" dolls."

KMOF3:What made you start selling on Etsy?
"My cousin was the one that told me about Etsy and Pinterest. I still haven't mastered Pinterest yet, but plan too. I also am on Ebay. My husband is a wiz at computers and programs, so he is the one that helped me to get on and showed me about uploading pictures etc. I tell him he is my business partner."

KMOF3: What dolls do you have?

"I have several dolls that I purchased mainly to model my outfits. I use to participate in selling my doll clothes in a local consignment and craft store in my home town. I have Madame Alexander, Springhill (or Springfield, can't remember) doll, and another 18" doll I purchased from Target. Then I bought 2 used AMG dolls on Ebay. One was VERY LOVED and I don't use her, the other was in great shape. To be honest, I do not know if they are a "name" doll or a JLY doll. I thought it best to have a variety of dolls, to show people my outfits fit all 18" dolls. I now have purchased a new doll from AMG but I wanted a JLY doll. I am now hooked on the AMG dolls and plan to get more."

KMOF3: What is your favorite item to make?
"I have nothing I prefer to make, as I want to make a variety of outfits. Well, no, I only want to sell current trend outfits. Maybe that's the answer you are looking for. I have made cheerleader outfits that came out very nice, had them monogrammed and everything and sold right away, and was asked "why don't you just sell cheerleader outfits? You seem to do real good with them". But that would get boring. I REALLY enjoy this, and trust me, as slow as I sew, I am not getting paid for my time. I want to enjoy every minute of this. I guess you could say I just want to get paid enough so I can continue this hobby. Ok, a little extra would be nice LOL."
KMOF3: Do you have a favorite fabric to work with?

"My favorite fabric is plain "ole" cotton. (There is the south coming out of me). However, I know to be realistic I must sew on many fabrics, as I do. Really not fond of the "formal" type fabric. I need more practice with that type." 

KMOF3: What is the best thing you have made?
"I can say I probably have done best with my cheerleader uniforms. I plan to start back on them closer to the start of Football season. They seem to sell best at that time. I don't care for sports very much except football, that is also why I make them at that time."

KMOF3: Do you have any advice for new Sewers?
"The only advice I have for new sewers, is that you have to really enjoy doing this. Don't just do it for the money, unless you are super good. Way to much competition. Sew for the love of it."

"My last thoughts, are I have met some very, very nice people on Etsy and Ebay. Helpful, supportive and some I have become very good friends with and feel like I have known them my entire life. It's that crafting in us that brings us together. I can't tell you enough how much I am enjoying this whole experience! I may not have had any children to enjoy this with, but I'm playing dolls now LOL!"

Remember you are never to old to love and play with dolls. Weather you are a child who loves dolls, or an adult who loves dolls, do not let anyone tell you different!
Thank you Mindy for sharing a behind the scenes look at your Etsy Shop! Click here to visit MJ's Doll Boutique 
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  1. Cool! I LOVE that last blue dress; I want it in my size, too!

  2. Beautiful!!!!! Every outfit is darling!!!!!!

  3. She has beautiful clothes. I admire Mindy's talents and designs

  4. You can't help but be drawn to Mindy's shop. Her outfits are beautiful, and beautifully sewn. I've bought outfits from her and am in awe of her talent. I've also become wonderful friends with her. I can already see the day coming when the demand for her beautiful creations will keep her constantly busy sewing. And for Mindy, that's what she loves best. It's wonderful to see her featured this way on this lovely blog. Congratulations, Mindy!