Friday, January 3, 2014

Ahh! Products Sale Until January 15th! Dolly Bean Bag Chairs!

A few months ago I got a ahh! Bean bag chair for my dolls and we love it. It is well made, easy to use and one of the most used dolly chairs in our furniture collection. 
I just found out that these wonderful bean bag doll chairs are on sale until January 15th!

Until Jan 15- up to $100 off select bean bags! Lil me doll bean bags still $20 off
They also have Dolly and Me sets! I love that these are so well made that they will not break or split. Unlike the bean bag chairs that are made of plastic vinyl, these are unique! The larger style ones are resistant to children unzipping and spilling the contents because of their inner liner and the dolly and me ones are child resistant as well.

"LiL Me" bean bags come equipped with a child-resistant zipper, which can be locked and unlocked just like our exclusive liners.  Curious kids, however, will not be able to easily unzip them.  No one wants filling flying everywhere!  "Lil Me" does not include an inner liner like our regular Ahh! bean bags do.  It is unlikely that you would need to wash your "Lil Me" cover.  However, if you decide to, simply unlock and unzip the cover to empty the filling.  Make sure to store the filling safely away from children while you wash the cover.  Also be sure to remove any loose filling stuck to the cover before putting into your washing machine.  Or, simply hand-wash.  Replace the filling when clean, remembering to reclose the zipper completely so that it is locked.

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