Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sewing For Bitty Baby A Review Of McCalls Crafts Pattern M4338

Part of my new years resolutions was to sew more and do more for Bitty Baby and Bitty Twin with my posts. My dear friend Cheryl kindly sent me a box of patterns all for Bitty Baby and Bitty Twin this Christmas and today I wanted to share with you my honest opinion of this sewing pattern. For a swap in my Swap-bot group I joined a Winter Themed Bitty Baby Clothing Swap and this is the outfit that I made from the McCalls Craft pattern M4338.  I have not been a fan in the past of patterns like this where you have 6 feet of folded paper you have to cut out to find the pieces you need but in this case the outfit turned out so well and with such little difficulty it was worth it to cut out the pieces and sew. The entire outfit came together really quickly and in under an hour I was able to make the overalls and the long sleeve shirt from the pattern using the pieces for C & E (E with out the collar). I can not magically fold the pattern pieces back to fit in the envelope so I think I will get some large Zip lock bags to store the pattern pieces in.
Click here for pattern listing on McCalls Website.

If you are going to sew for Bitty Baby and Bitty Twin I really think this is a great pattern especially if you are a craft sewer like myself. I still prefer the PDF patterns with the photo step by step instructions but because I have sewn so many patterns with step by step instructions I felt confident sewing with this pattern and the terrible directions given on the paper insert.
I know I am going to use these pattern pieces to help me sew through my stash this year for more bitty baby and bitty twin swaps and I think this is my new got to pattern.

If you want to sew an entire wardrobe for your bitty baby this pattern from McCalls #4338 is worth the investment. It has the Karen Mom of Three Stamp of Approval!
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  1. I don't know how well it would work for those patterns (I'm a little afraid of them), but I bought a 3 ring binder and store each of my pattern pieces in separate page protectors to keep them organized.