Saturday, January 11, 2014

Great Canadian Fun Finds!

This week my sister Bre-Anne and reader Sophie T sent in some truly great Canadian Fun Finds. I believe that both live in the province of Quebec,where I am originally from. The first fun find from Sophie T, "I was shopping at Sears yesterday, and I came accross those Christmas Carter baby dresses that were on sale (I paid $7.50 each).  I got the New Born size and they fit almost perfectly our AG dolls.  If there is a sash in the back (like on the red dress), it's super easy to make the dess tighter, otherwise, you just need to reduce the bodice widht, or add a ribbon sash, as I did on the blue dress - which fabric is exquisite).  The fabric is of a wonderful quality on both dresses, so well worth the money!  I found some more at Target, also the Carter brand, all reduced at $5.  I didn't get them (yet), as I already had those 2.  I though you could share this find with your reader.  I think the red one looks a lot like some AG Christmas dresses (the color is a little off on the picture, it really is bright red)!"
Be sure to shop all the post holiday sales for more deals like the ones Sophie found!
Bre-Anne found a new 18 inch doll in the value isle at Walmart, Priced at $20, this 18 inch doll is a great find at only $20. I love her eyes don't you? The only thing that concerned me was that the doll came with wine glasses but my sister said they are made that way so they sit in the dolls hands.
Be sure to keep your eyes out for fun finds like Bre-Anne and Sophie T, share them with me so I can share them with others!
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  1. Thanks for the tip about the Newborn-sized dresses. I'll have to check to see if any of my local stores still have anything similar. This would be the time to get them for pennies on the dollar!

  2. My sister has that doll! I have the same brans, but mine was light skin, blue eyes, and hair accessories instead. They hold together really well! But when I opened mine, it had a few pink and black fabric stains( pink from dress, black from boots) other than that though, amazing doll!

  3. I really like those dresses- some of the best I've seen- who'd have thought they were made for newborns?!