Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Look Whom Just Arrived! Mini Isabelle!

Oh the joy's of home mail delivery! I love it when I hear the lid of my mail box close! Today especially because my  mail man finally brought Mini Isabelle!
She is very lovely, her clothing though is going to be hard to get on and off as my doll has a rather plump bottom. I do like that her shirt and underwear match!

I think the face detail is very well done, especially the eyes. The pink part of her hair is very hard to see as a mini doll but is a nice feature and no it is not re-moveable. All in all I look forward to including her in future mini doll crafts and posts!
I ordered her on Christmas Eve from The Book Depository.com she was shipped to my door for less then $20! I can not wait to share her with my nieces!
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  1. Very cute. I like the attention to detail and the matching panties. Very cute.