Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dolly Shoe Lace Make Over A Karen Mom of Three Rit Dye Craft Tutorial

Today I wanted to share with you a craft I have been meaning to try since my shipment of Rit Dye arrived! Today I will show you how to add some personality to your dolls shoe laces with Rit Dye!

To create your own you will need:
-Your dolls shoe laces, removed from your dolls shoes, ( I used my Springfield Doll Shoes and a pair of My London Girl Trainers.)
-Liquid Rit Dye I used Purple and Cherry Red
-2 Cups Hot Water 
- A jar to hold your water, dye and salt
-Plastic Spoons
-Plastic Gloves
-Measure cups
Step 1-  Prepare your dye solution I had a jar of Cherry Red Liquid Dye mixture made up already from a previous project ( I keep my left over dye for fun and easy quick dye projects from paper to fabric!) and then created one for the purple dye. Into a large jar I put two cups of very hot tap water, 1/2 bottle of purple liquid Rit Dye, 1/2 cup of salt. Use a plastic spoon to stir it all up. For the Cherry Red dye I re heated the dye water mixture in the jar for 2 minutes in the Micro wave on medium heat.
Step 2- Place the laces into the jars of dye. Use your spoon to make sure they are submerged.

Step 3- Use your plastic spoons to give a stir to your laces every few hours. I left mine in the jars for 6 hours, the longer you leave your laces the darker the colors will be.

Step 4- After you have left them for a few hours remove them from the jars. I used coffee filters to "dry the laces" when I removed them from the jar, this way I can use the coffee filters in another craft later. Let the laces dry, to speed up the time you may wish to place them in the dryer or heat set them with a hair dryer. I am thrilled with how mine turned out. Once dry re lace your shoes and put them on your dolls!
Today I used my Doll Hannah who is an Extra Special Doll (formally Dolls for Downs) shown in the photo on the left hand side and her best friend Jillian My American Girl Doll ( A just like you doll)
Hannah is wearing the shoes from one of My London Girl dolls. Jillian is wearing shoes from Springfield Doll Collection.
I hope you enjoyed today's craft tutorial and that you will be inspired to try dye crafts in your doll craft time!
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