Friday, January 24, 2014

Have You Heard About Serendipity, The Serendipity Doll Company?

I just received my first Serendipity Doll Company Outfit and I could not be more pleased! The Serendipity Doll Company is offering beautiful outfits that are well made and fashion forward for 18 inch dolls.
 The outfit I was sent is the Jogging Pants and Jacket and it is one of my favorite outfits now, it is versatile, looking amazing on my American Girl Dolls as well as My London Guy doll Oliver.
The coat features three working zippers and the pants have an elastic waistband. Who do you think wore it better? Ruthie or Oliver?

On my Serendipity Wish list I have this Floral Rose Doll Dress, it is the perfect tea dress and would look stunning on all my 18 inch Girl Dolls. Priced at $14.99 You can view this dress and ordering details by clicking here

Ballet inspired fashions are all the rage this year as you may know, check out this Pink Princess Doll Dress and Slippers by clicking here

I am a huge fan of Doll Two Piece Pj's this set looks like a pair I would like to have in my own size! Click here to learn more about this listing. 

Saving another favorite for last has to be this Yellow Doll Floral top, Pink Skirt and hairband set. It screams Spring to me and we could all use a little Spring right now.
I hope you have enjoyed today's post and that you will check out The Serendipity Doll Company and add a few outfits to your doll play collection. 
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