Sunday, January 26, 2014

Let's Skate Sunday! Madelon's Fun Photos and Finds!

Madelon has sent me so many wonderful dolly skating photos over email that I thought it would be fun to show you them and show you where you can find some fun skating accessories for your dolls!
But where to begin, we already know that Madelon picked up the wonderful winter back ground in store at AG and some of her doll outfits are Ebay finds, Older American Girl outfits and custom designed one of a kind fun finds. But where do you look for items for your dolls for skating items for your dolls?

Here are some of our favorite finds in the dolly world.

Springfield dolls is a great place to start for skates for your dolls, especially with the Olympics in Russia about to start! Stock up now for your dolls to wear while you catch all the Olympic Highlights!
Instore and on line these Springfield Skates sell for about  $6.99 click here to shop on line.

On Etsy in a shop called Unique Doll Clothing has this listing for "White Furry Ice Skates" offered at $7.00
I found a Canadian Etsy Shop carrying these black skates! BookBinEtc is offering these at $5.93! Click here for shop and listing.
Moving on to some skating outfits I stumbled on this stunning costume from Designs For Ice Etsy Shop, you will not believe the skating outfits for 18 inch dolls listed in this shop! Click here for shop and listing.
Etsy shop Wee Wimzy Wardrobe has some fun outfits that even come with trophies and doll sized medals! Check out their shop by clicking here
Looking to Knit a skating outfit for your dolls? Check out this pattern from Kitting for Dolls Etsy Shop by clicking here.
Here is a wonderful deal a $2 crochet pattern for a skating costume from Barb's Dolls! Click here for shop and listing.

Thank you Madelon for sharing all your fun skating photos with us today, be sure to shop big box stores, thrift stores, dollar stores as well as the web and report back to us your fun finds so we may share with others.
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  1. I bought some dolly ice skates at Walmart for just a couple of dollars. They are intended for Walmart's doll but seem to fit most others such as Madame Alexander, Extra Special, and Our Generation.