Thursday, January 23, 2014

Madelon's Fun Find and Craft - Make A Doll Ballet Water Globe Collection With Dollar Store Stickers!

Madelon found these fun Ballet Themed Water Globe Stickers at her dollar store!
"Six ballet water globe stickers for a dollar! How fun!"
" You can have your dolls hold them easily and if you put something small behind them they will stand up!  If you shake them, the glitter inside moves and as it is plastic with no water, you do not have to worry about them leaking or breaking!"
It is amazing when you find something for your dolls that is so timely! With Isabelle's release we are finding more and more Dolly Ballet items you can add for just pennies to your doll play collections. Thank you Madelon for sending in this great doll craft idea! No mess just fun! Fantastic.
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