Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Make A Coffee Filtter Princess Tutu For Your Dolls

Using Rit Dye has become one of my most favorite craft tools! Today I wanted to show you how you can make your dolls a princess tutu using coffee filters, dye and duct tape!
To make your own you will need:
-three coffee filters ( I used the kind I found at the dollar store)
-Rit Dye (I used Cherry Red and Purple)
-Duct Tape ( I get mine at www.consumercrafts.com)
-A Button ( I use Laura Kelly Buttons from Buttons Galore & More)
- A needle and thread
- A roll of Tulle
-Your Doll Today I used my Springfield Doll Madison
-A Measuring tape
 Step 1- Dye your coffee filters. I dyed mine with left over dye from other projects. I keep my left over dye in jars that way I can re heat and use the colors for other projects. Simply I splash dyed and dipped and rinsed my coffee filters, then let them dry.

Step 2- Once dry I selected two coffee filters and folded them in half. then I cut along the edge giving me 4 half circles. I only needed three for my tutu but you can add the fourth if you would like.

Step 3- Cut 12 inches of duct tape from your roll and lay the tape sticky side up on the table.
Step 4- Gather the flat cut edge of your filter as shown above and press them into the bottom edge of your tape on the table, space them evenly.

Step 5-  Once the coffee filters are in place, unroll and cut 36 inches of tulle from the roll. Gather with your fingers and press into place half way up from the bottom edge and all along the length of the tape.
Step 6- Fold over the sticky edge of the remaining tape and press down along the gathers.
Step 7- On one edge of the tape waist band measure 1 inch in from the raw edge and sew your button into place. Once secure us a stitch ripper to make a button hole one inch in from the opposite raw edge of the tape waist band.
Now your tutu is ready for your doll to wear!
You can do so much with Rit Dye and so many wonderful things with coffee filters. I hope you enjoyed today's craft and that you will give dye crafts a try! Like me I know you are going to get hooked!
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