Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jessica T's Tips: A Free Pattern Tutorial For A Doll Basket Bed Carry All From Mommy Sew Pretty!

Free Pattern From
Today Jessica T's Tip is this wonderful basket you can sew for your baby dolls. Jessica Found us a free pattern from
This pattern tutorial is one I am so thrilled to see, having just recently received a pattern for a doll carrier with less then fantastic instructions. These wonderful photos will go a long way into helping me create one of my own for my nieces.
A huge thank you to Jessica T and for this tutorial! If you are sewing along or crafting along with us this year be sure to save this tutorial for your files! Any young doll lover would be thrilled to have this wonderful gift!
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  1. Hi, the link to the site didn't go through. Darling cradle! I would love to pin the source for future gift references. Thanks for all your fun ideas and dolly sharing finds!

  2. Thank you for letting me know, yes I can not link to it now either. It was there earlier! I am not sure if it is just off line with server issues or if the blogger has removed her work, I will keep checking back thank you for letting me know!

  3. I just found this page on google, and wanted to let you know that your link didn't work because you skipped the "spot" in blogspot dot com! Thanks for pointing me there- the tutorial will help me make one for my daughter's little dolly.