Friday, January 10, 2014

Do Dollies Get Cold Feet?

An interesting question was raised on one of my doll group pages on Facebook, Do Dollies get cold feet? I have always thought so and thus far make sure my dolls have shoes on when the weather turns from Flip Flop Attire. As my own feet are often cold, I am constantly reminding my boys to put on socks, sometimes I wear two pair. Today's Post is all about doll shoe patterns to keep your dolls toes toasty warm.
When my mother was alive, my father would buy her new Moccasins each year at Christmas, seeing them in the stores reminds me of her and the wonderful memories of Christmas past. This pattern offered on Pixiefaire by Miche Designs looks just like the slippers my mother used to wear. Click here for pattern listing offered at $3.99
Another of my favorite designers Stacy & Stella from pixeldust designs offers this wonderful Sherpa Boot Pattern also on Pixiefaire for $3.99
For those of you who do not sew may I recommend my favorite slippers by Springfield Dolls?
These wonderful bunny slippers are an item I purchase time and time again for doll lovers for birthday gifts, stocking stuffer and basket fillers, FYI A great item to add to advent pockets too!
I find mine in-store when Micheal's has a coupon and stash them away! 
If cute bunny slippers are not sophisticated enough for your doll lover check out the fuzzy pink ones Springfield also offers by clicking here also offered at $4.99

 One of the best deals on Etsy currently is 3 pairs of crochet doll slippers for $5 offered by  My Mom's Dolls....again put these away for Easter Basket Stuffers or your advent pockets!    
Also on Etsy you can find one of my favorite doll shoe suppliers. Releaserain who offers a large assortment of doll shoes and these purple clog faux fur slippers are among my favorite. 

***The important thing to remember when putting shoes on your dolls is to make sure that they are not lined with a fabric that is going to leak color on your dolls "skin" light colored fabric is always a good idea if you are leaving your doll in shoes for long periods of time. Even if you are worried about her feet getting cold, make sure she has socks to protect her feet or leave the shoes off when you are not playing with her, just to be on the safe side!
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  1. We have the bunny slippers! They are the best. I need to look into getting a pajama set for Haley. I think she is the only one without right now.

  2. Hi! I would like to join your doll group on Facebook. How can I find it? I am a member of a Facebook group named My Doll's House and we love sharing tips from your blog in the group. Thank you!

  3. I would love to have you join us! You can find me on Facebook here