Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Madelon Sets The Perfect Ballarina Party Table

Today Madelon shares her cake fun finds and shows us how to combine them with a McDonald's Barbie Happy Meal toy to create the perfect ballet party!  "I saw these beautiful cake ornaments on sale for 75 percent off  $8.95 each and thought they made a nice table treat for a party. The centerpiece is a ballerina Happy Meal toy."
Keep your eyes out for deals like these that you can add to your doll play collections! Madelon is on a roll! I love her fun finds. Thank you so much for these great photos and for sharing your knack for finding great re-purposed doll play items."The plates came from a Hallmark store. Originally I was going to color over the wording on the plates, but then I thought, lots of plates have words and design so I left them."

It says "Cake tastes best when served with good friends" ~ We could not agree more. 

"Our birthday girl wears a pink and black Build-A-Bear dress.
It has a satiny feel and a black sparkly waist and Peter Pan collar."

 "This dress sold two for $15 with a $10 coupon for each $30 (I think) spent. It just needed a little adjusting in the back."

"Sparkly black tulle peeks out the hem line. A tip of the hat to ballerinas."


"Mini erasers worked as beverages...Drink erasers were three dollars at Target last year"


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