Sunday, July 24, 2011

Make your own doll scrap book this time using card stock and imagination

Make your own doll scrap book using card stock and imagination

. I was so excited by the dollar store gem scrap book that I wanted to try to make my own slightly larger but still doll sized scrap book to keep my doll sized photography in.
I really like photographing dolls. They are always adorable, seldom move when placed and are great photography subjects.

Once I have a photo I love  I use a photo editing software. I use I use it's free service to enhance and crop my photos to give them a more polished look.
I also upload and print my photos at both walmart and my grocery store. My grocery store has a service that allows me to upload my photos and print WALLET SIZED pictures which fit perfectly in my scrapbook!
You can also take your camera card into these type of locations and edit and print your own doll size photos in store. My grocery store charges 39 to print wallets and I get 4 photos on each print for that price. I take them home and cut them up to use.

  The best part is having the extra photos I can trade with friends or use in crafts later on.

Here is how I made my scrapbook and how you can make your own using cardstock, glue and ribbon.
First I got out my card stock which I bought on sale at Micheal's the craft store, I took 10 prices of multi colored paper and measured from the horizontal edge up the vertical 4 inches and then cut the paper, getting 2 per piece of paper. Then I folded the paper in half and continued on the remaining pieces alternating the color as I went. Next I glued them together.
While that dried I cut a piece of cardboard from a scrap I had.  Mine however ended up being a little short and I had to trim my pages which was not easy so I recommend finding a piece of scrap cardboard at least 1/2 inch longer then your paper strips.
When the pages were dry I attached more card stock to the the scrap cardboard to give it a nicer look you could use designed scrapbook paper if you would like.
 Next I glued in the pages
Finally when it was dry I decorated the outside
Now it is ready to decorate doll style using stickers and wallet sized photos!
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  1. Cute idea here, Karen. I thought I was following on your blog, but I am now. Love the dolls. Just stopping by to see what you've been up to.

    Coleen in Ukraine