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Jackies Heart and Soul's Etsy shop a Canadian Company!


As a Canadian, who Doll enthusiast in an American Girl doll world, it is often harder to find stylish and quality made doll clothes close to home. However I found out about Jackie's Heart and Soul's Etsy shop on Facebook from the Liberty Jane page. I sent a message to Jackie to find out more about her when she posted an comment on the Liberty Jane Page on Canada day offering a Canada Day sale. I had to check it out. 

What I found was quality made doll clothes at very reasonable prices. Jackie has sewn and taught sewing for more then 40 years and this really impressed me. With that much sewing knowledge you know you are going to get a well made product. Jackies's shop called Jackie's Heart and Soul is well named as you can see by the photos each doll outfit includes Jackie's heart and soul.Making doll clothes is a passion of hers and I think when you see her clothing items you can easily tell this!

I loved this Cat in the Hat inspired outfit in her shop priced at $15 and very reasonable shipping prices make this outfit so appealing!

My nieces often complain they never have enough underwear for their dolls  with this offering from Jackie's shop I think even they would be satisfied.

priced at only $10 

Each pair is made from either 100% cotton or a polyester and cotton with a bit of lycra. Each is trimmed with fold over lingerie elastic.

looking a head to fall I love this cozy two piece suit for American Girl dolls priced at  $15.
This year American Girl Doll of the year Kanani has inspired so many doll clothes designers to come up with Hawaiian inspired patterns Jackie's shop embraces this trend offering an adorable selection of these tropical inspired outfits.
I asked Jackie how she got sewing and she shared with me a bit of her history and love of the dolls here is what she shared...
  " My husband and I never had any children.  I started sewing when I was around 8 for Barbie so that is going back many years.  My aunt made me a little sewing kit for my Barbie doll with precut simple outfits and that was it- I was hooked.  She lived in Buffalo New York so when we would visit she took me to Joanne fabrics.  I still have my first Barbie doll patterns that she helped me purchase that were well used in my crafting days.  Since we did not have a sewing machine I would sit by the hour in the basement and 'create' doll clothes by hand. I inherited my grandmother's machine when she died when I was 13.  I started to make my own clothes and was interested in all crafts and was always trying something new.  I have a love of quilting as well.  My grandfather's sisters had a quilt room and when grandpa took me to visit when I was a little girl I was mesmerized by all the neat things and the beautiful quilts they made and told my mom I want to do that someday.  Sometimes I think sewing was in my genes from both sides of the family.
From when I was in grade 4 as a child,I always wanted to be a Family Studies ( Home Economics ) teacher.  I put myself through school by working at a fabric shop, doing seamstress work and babysitting.  My first assignment was teaching Math and English to Grade 7 and my rotary subject was Family Studies - my dream job. I was hired to integrate boys into the Family Studies program - did they like cooking - I don't recall any signing up for sewing at that time.  I did that for 12 years, then a new initiative was started called Creative Arts.  Family Studies, Art and Industrial Arts ( Shop ) were housed together and all girls and boys took all 3 subjects - the classes were integrated.  We had a blast.  In my section we of course cooked - we did some sewing - boxer shorts were popular - and a babysitting course was all part of it.  Then budget cuts came along and I was moved to the Junior Grades where I taught Grade 4 my last 10 years of teaching - I loved that age group as well.  I taught all the subjects except French and Music.  Art classes were often craft classes.  Teaching Grade 4 is where I discovered the American Girl. Each year my school hosted a craft show and the parent's council talked me into setting up a booth knowing my background - I sold Barbie clothes along with baby items etc. A parent of one of my kids brought in this doll that her daughter was getting for Christmas and asked me if I would make some clothes for her - the doll was Kit.  I had not heard of AG before that time.  That was it - when I retired I would make doll clothes for this doll and sell them.  I had 5 years until I was to retire,but, in the meantime I collected some patterns and constantly checked the AG site.  I started on E-bay in 2005 the fall after I retired and discovered Etsy when fabric store manager told me about it in 2009.  I now have a Bitty Baby - I sew for her sometimes - Jess my first one - Felicity, Molly, Julie and Mia. Right now I am having fun with the Liberty Jane designs.  Her patterns are easy and what the kids like to wear.  I have designed many of my own patterns starting with commercial ones as a base such as Simplicity - I 'tweak them' combine patterns that sort of thing. The last couple of years I made a lot of Julie outfits and they sold exceptionally well - they don't seem to be as popular right now but I still love that era - maybe because of first hand experience!!!!  About 3 years ago I was making lots of Felicity outfits - I still make one here and there as I love those dresses.  I have heard that the new dolls will be the Civil war era and I will probably make some from that era.  I always like to try new things.   I get the majority of my cotton fabric from quilt stores -local and on-line. Since I quilt as well my friend and I say we have become fabric 'snobs'.  The novelty fabrics and some cottons I pick up when I see it on my travels.  I just sell my doll clothes on line.  I stopped doing craft shows when my knees gave out.
I love selling on-line.  I have 'met' and become e-mailing pals with so many great people.  Sewing is my one main hobby that I devote hours and hours of time to every week."
I want to thank Jackie for sharing her store and story with me so I could share it with you.
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