Friday, July 29, 2011

Doll Sized Glass Wear, Re purpose some from your own from yard sale finds

At a recent yard sale I found some amazing shot glasses that  are perfect for doll sized glass wear. The ones I found are all hand painted and make a great addition to any doll play collection.
I found several different hand painted glass wear at this yard sale and  thought they would make a great addition to my doll play collection.

The small peach ones in the lower left hand corner are a personal favorite, they remind me of glasses my great grandmother Rumbsy had in Montreal when I was growing up.

So keep your eye out when you are at a yard sale for items like these that can be used for doll play and remember to check your own collections at home. Sometimes the best shopping trips are in your own cupboards collecting dust.
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  1. They only hold about 2 oz but that would be neat if they were!