Monday, July 11, 2011

Create your own doll sized Golf Course!

I found this recently and wrote about it on my column for . This really easy to create doll sized golf course can be yours if you purchase a set from your local dollar or party store. I got mine for under $3 at my party store.
I removed the handles of the clubs and trimmed them with craft scissors and replaced the handles I cut them so they would be doll sized. With so many of these inexpensive sets avalible you may even find one small enough already for your dolls.
These sets are plastic an even when altered to doll size will be functional for girls and their dolls. This would make a great addition to your doll play collection and a really fun doll and girl party game. Girls could make their own sets at the party, play with them together and still take them as the parting gift at the end of the party!

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