Sunday, July 10, 2011

The most adorable oven mitts and apron sets for your doll on Etsy

I came across this store on Etsy that has the most adorable aprons and oven mitts for 18 inch dolls.
I love the old fashion style of these aprons and I love the oven mitts. The patterns on the aprons are also adorable as Cindy has found some great patters in coordinating colors. Her apron and mitts sets sell for $12. Such a great deal and would make a great addition to any doll play wardrobe.

Another adorable and eye catching items in her shop are the pajamas 
and fluffy robes

Both priced at $16 
I want a robe just like this for me!
I also love the dresses and matching over the shoulder bags!
Priced at $16.00

I asked Cindy about her shop and here are  the answers she shared with me.
How did you get started sewing?:

A:I learned to sew as a young girl through the help of my mother, grandmother and great aunt. They were always there to show me the correct way of doing things and with their help I took to it quickly. They always made sure I never cut corners, but more than that, they gave me a passion that is still with me today. They were wonderful teachers who taught me the love of being creative!

When did you start making 18 inch doll clothing?:

A:Truthfully, affordability was the reason I started sewing doll clothing about 18 years ago. I have two daughters, a niece and cousin, all around the same age, who each had an American girl doll growing up. I used to sew each clothing item in quadruple! Well, all the girls grew up but I still loved to sew doll clothing. I had been tinkering with the idea of selling and had saved a few articles about Etsy, so I pulled them out, reread them, went online and the journey began. I have been selling for about 2 years and my clothing has been bought by people around the world!

What is your favorite pattern to make?:

A:I really like a variety of clothing in my shop but I just love making flannel pajamas. Something about the softness of the material and the warm and cozy feeling I get when I sew with it always pulls me to keep making more.

What are your best sellers?:

A: It all depends upon the time of year for best sellers. Dresses are very popular in the spring and summer and during the Christmas holidays I sell a lot of pajama sets and robes. Almost all of my clothing is contemporary so you will see a lot of beautiful fabrics and different styles of clothing including jackets, capris, legging, t-shirts, dresses and pajamas.

What is your busiest time of year?:

A:The Christmas holidays are so busy and they start around the beginning of November. I start sewing like crazy in late summer to stock up for the holidays. By the time Christmas is over, almost my entire online inventory is wiped out.

Do you sell locally or just online?:

A: I am primarily an online seller but if someone locally contacts me about a show I will happily attend. I also get a lot of requests online for donations but I cannot possibly contribute to them all, so I like to keep my donations local and donate to school districts and local causes.

I love finding and sharing with you great deals made by doll lovers on Etsy.
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