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Handmade wooden furniture made in Minnesota and availble on Etsy

Continuing on my series of great deals on Etsy, I found this shop  the shop belongs to Rachel Grack.
Her compay workshop is located in the quaint German town of New Ulm, Minnesota—on Payne Street.The shop strives " to bring you high-end merchandise at a great price. Our company is made-in-the-USA and support-small-businesses oriented. We purchase our lumber from the locally-owned lumber mill and fabrics and sewing supplies from the local quilting shop, doing our part to strengthen that on which America was built—small businesses."

Their motto is "Uptown Quality, Small-town Service." Customer satisfaction is our top priority. says Rachel.

What first drew me into Rachel's shop was this table with cushion chairs.  loved the attention to detail the pillow cushions had. The price was also reasonable at $45 for quality made in the USA with local sourced materials. I also loved the photo. As a visual person I am often drawn to a shop because of their photos.
I loved what I saw on this listing so I searched the shop to see what other items they carry. I was blown away. I can not tell you what order I fell in love with these beautifully crafted pieces but i will share with you some of the photos and encourage you to browse the shop for yourself .
I was drawn to this outdoor swing. the colors and the whimsicality of it. Completely hand made and cushions are included for $65.
Keeping with the outdoor theme these Adirondack chairs sell separately $40 or for a set of two only $90 and you get the side table as well. You also get to choose the color.
I love the simplicity of the old fashion desk .

I love the picnic table as well.
Always thinking of the holidays I was drawn to this adorable fireplace adorned with stockings. They make the fire place and sell the stockings and stocking rack separately. 

Getting back to the summer how much fun is this piece a slide!
I just love the entire idea of a back yard playground for dolls. 

They even have an outdoor play house. While I make my amazing wish list and realize that not everyone could afford to create an amazing back yard play area for their dolls. I love the idea that you could.

I asked Rachel about her store and this is what she shared with me 

"We started building doll furniture in the fall of 2009. My nieces have AG dolls, and my mom--Grandma--wanted a set of bunk beds for them. At that time the Camp Bunk Beds were popular, and my nieces wanted a set. Grandma handed the AG magazine to my husband and said, "Could you make something like this?" My husband is a seasoned wood worker and thought he could handle it. The bunk bed turned out so cute we decided to make another set and list it on Ebay. That year, the Camp Bunks sold out, and people were going crazy trying to find bunk beds. We couldn't keep up with demand. Our orders spilled into the new year, and Payne Street Doll Boutique was born.

What motivates us to continue building and selling furniture is the customers. We hear so many stories about the girls who play with our toys, and those stories inspire us. There have been times when business is slow, and I contemplate the future of our two-person shop. In those moments of doubt, a customer will suddenly contact me with a story about how much her daughter loves our furniture and what she wants next. Those moments encourage me to hang in there. I couldn't dream of letting down that little girl.

Most of our furniture ships pre-assembled. However, a few items require simple assembly (instructions and hardware included). We always predrill all holes and assemble then disassemble the furniture prior to shipment. This way, we know that it will assemble with ease and precision upon delivery."
I wanted to know if they had a store front and Rachel tells me that as much as she wish we could open a store front, most of their business comes from out-of-state customers. There isn't a lot of local demand . . . yet! They  hope that changes as PS Doll Boutique grows.
I would like to thank Rachel for sharing with me the history of her business and I am so thrilled to bring her store to you.
These pieces are so inspiring and would be an amazing addition to any doll play collection. I just wish I knew how to do more then just hold a hammer! With more then 50 items to choose from on their store site I could not possibly include photos of all but I should tell you the indoor furniture is also unbelievable from Triple Bunk beds and vanities to a perfect Doll sized Kitchen this store has something for everyone.
They also have a website you can visit at
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  1. Here is a link to a Michigan woodworker who makes wonderful doll furniture. Made in America! Made in Michigan!