Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Handbags and Hair bands! Take a look at what this Etsy Shop offers!

I came across this great Etsy shop called My2sweets and loved how cute the hand bags and hairbands where!
Kim of My2Sweets makes the kind of doll handbags I myself would carry, in fact they are exactly what I was looking for for myself!

Kim started making hair bands for dolls as well that are so darling and in such great colors. The best thing is they are so reasonably priced! Starting at $1.25 these hair bands are a steal!  I am already thinking of the holidays, here but they are small enough to fit in a greeting card to send to your friends or perhaps Santa can find a way to get some in to your stocking, I am hoping I find some in mine!
 Likely my favorite pictured above.

Kim also makes reasonably priced doll clothes that co-ordinate with her handbags and hairbands
this set is priced at $13.
Kim also sells handbags and hairbands together in sets 
This set is $6 and the purse has two different fabrics, front and back making it so much cuter for more doll play options.

I asked Kim to share with me a little about her life, her shop, her family and her hobbies and this is what she shared with me.
When did you start sewing?
"I started sewing actually only about 2 months ago after receiving my first machine from my mother-in-law. Thankfully I am a fast learner! "
What made you start sewing for American Girl Dolls?
"My 8 year old said you can make these for me" when I could buy her doll clothes off Etsy. When I had my machine she encouraged me to try"
What is your favorite thing to make?
." My favorite thing to make is probably AG Doll skirts and handbags. They are cute and easy to whip up."
What is your best selling items?

  "My best selling items are my AG doll headbands and fabric pacifier clips"
Do you sell mostly on Etsy or in your community?
  "I LOVE my Etsy shop and have had a great time with it. I have lots of house visits where friends buy my items from my studio. I also set up a booth twice a year at our local Rhea Lana Children's Consigment Event and have great success there with several loyal customers. They are probably equally busy, but the Etsy shop is more consistent and goes all year long."
How may American Girl Dolls do you have?
  We have 3 AG dolls currently...One that looks like my daughter, Sophie, the lovely Miss Kanani, and another that looks like my 3-year-old, Ruthie Belle. Sophie hopes to continue adding to her collection and I would LOVE to have Emily Bennett or Rebecca Rubin for myself though ;)
What kind of patterns do you use?
  "I tend to make up my own patterns as I go, but have used a few here and there. It seems easier to just visualize it that way. I am still a newcomer so I hope to be able to do both equally well."
I also asked Kim to share a bit about her life, family and hobbies,
Kim says "I work from home as a medical transcriptionist and have so for 16 years this summer. I love being mom to Sophie (8) and Ruthie Belle (3) and wife to Travis. We live in Searcy, Arkansas. I wish I'd started sewing when I was much younger, but am enjoying every minute of it while I can and when I can. I collect milk glass nesting hens and have managed to gather just over 20 right now from flea markets-one of our favorite family things to do-flea market. I love my family, my church, and God has truly blessed me with a wonderful, full life and sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! I hope that someday soon to share the joy I have in sewing with my oldest, Sophie. I find peace in sewing and creating, but the real fun comes when I'm able to give Sophie another little something to add to her AG Doll's wardrobe!"
I hope you will visit Kim's shop to see all the wonderful items she is making for girls and their dolls. 
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