Thursday, July 21, 2011

Re purpose a notebook into a scrapbook for your doll using a dollar store gem!

I found this great spiral bound note book at my local dollar store. What is great about it is the small size and all white pages inside.

To make a really fast and fun doll play item for your doll, I have used the stickers I bought at Micheal's the craft store in the USA.

You could cut out American Girl doll images from old catalog's or print out images from Google images. The smaller the photo's the better!
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  1. Cute - finding notebooks without lines can be challenging, so you lucked out there.

  2. It is true but at this time of year it is so much easier because with school supplies being everywhere you may find this is a great time to pick such items up! Good luck!
    Look for small drawing note pads as well, I have seen them with all black paper as well