Thursday, July 14, 2011

Truly Unique Fashions an Etsy shop with Style

I came across this great shop on etsy called Fashioned 4 You , Unique Fashion 4 American girl .

With over 130 listed items and prices ranging from $8-$20 there is something for everyone in this store.

I love the embroidery hairbands and t-shirts that this store offers. I love the word Believe and this shirt is a favorite of mine!
I also wanted to share with you the most adorable boots!
Handmade and priced at $12.
I also love the way that Lori, shop owner puts her outfits together and her store photography is fantastic also!
Take a look at these great bathing suit sets.
Priced at $16! Great for a doll pool party or day at the beach!

Lori also makes a wonderful pair of PJ's that remind me of Rebecca's
Lori also has dresses that are just gorgeous!
as well as causal every day wear for dolls
I asked Lori about her shop, her doll hobby and how she got started and she shared with me the following.
 I love the embroidered t-shirts Lori makes and I asked her if she makes them herself.
"Yes, i machine embroider the shirts and sew them all myself. My first shirt was the Band Geek shirt that I made for my niece, her fave shirt is one just like it that she wears. "
I also asked how long Lori had been sewing doll clothes and I was so surprised by her answer!
"I started making clothes for Ag dolls about 10 months ago when I made a wardrobe for my nieces dolls. I really enjoyed it and after 28 years as a retail manager I found it a refreshing change."
Always curious I asked Lori how many American Girl dolls she had and which ones...
"I have 3 dolls that I use as models: Kit with bangs,(I call her Kat), Julie 'cause she is my era and I remember wearing her style clothes, and a JLY with auburn hair that I call CC for Cindy Crawford, because she was my first model."
I wondered which outfits where Lori's favorites...
"My favorite outfits are my camouflage sets, In pink and green, I try to make each one with different shirts, or details to keep it fresh.
My favorite pattern has to be the Liberty Jane fitted tshirt pattern, I can make it in under 20 minutes."
With so many outfits to choose from in her shop I asked Lori, how she managed to keep so many outfits in her shop?
"This is my job right now, so I try to sew 6 hours aday, at least."
I had to asked what are Lori about her best sellers...
"My best sellers have been sets with a white tshirt,strappy tank in stripes with jeans, or shorts, or skirts, or capris, you get where I"m going."
I wondered if Lori sold her doll clothes anywhere other then on line...
"I sell only on Etsy, this is my first venture into online sales. I feel extensive retail management experience is key to making sure my customers have a great experience. I strive to answer all inquiries quickly and make each customer have only positive things to say."
I also wondered how long Lori ha been sewing...
"I have been sewing for 40 years, My Mom has always been the queen of crafting and as kids we did every craft under the sun. I even got to use my long almost forgotten macrame' skills to make belts for a cool retro Julie outfit. I have added some crocheted hats to outfits, too. Sewing is a skill that you never forget, and the more you sew, the more you refine your skills.I am always on the lookout for any new trend that I can incorporate into the clothes I design for American Girls and Bitty Baby, too."
I want to thank Lori for sharing about her life and her store with us and hope you will check out her store at
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  1. That first white dress is very pretty. Sadly, it seems someone else already bought it since I don't see it in her shop. The bathing suit sets are cute too.

  2. The first white dress is exactly the same I Wear at my Quinceañera So Cute!