Friday, July 15, 2011

Host a Doll Pool Party! A great thrift store or dollar store GEM!

I really lucked out recently at a thrift store that also sold items left over from a dollar store that closed. For 99 cents I picked up a "baby pool" which is the perfect addition to  my doll play collection. FIRST OF ALL OUR DOLLS SHOULD NEVER BE PLACED IN WATER. The pool is a great tool in staging the perfect doll pool party.

Four dolls can comfortably fit in the pool and you can add some adorable pool party accents from your local dollar store, you maybe able to find small beach balls, or small water toys that you can add to your pool. You could add left over blue Easter grass as water if you wanted the pool to appear full.
 You can find some great doll swim suits on line or create your own. You can add party balloons, flags and small plants to make your own doll sized back yard. How about the hand made BBQ you can make from the ideas shown on my blog. The photo above shows the grill I made from my post on Doll Diaries from June 24th shows my dolls have a great party! Samantha on the Grill while Chrissa and Addy enjoy the pool.
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  1. Good idea! I'm just waiting for the day I have a dollar store find. It seems as though every time I go to the dollar store, there is nothing there! I'll keep trying though!