Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Need more doll storage and seating? Make this out of a Diaper Wipe container!

I was making a covered diaper wipe container for a baby shower I was going to when it dawned on me that it would make a great doll bench for extra seating and it doubles as a storage container for doll accessories.
I used an empty diaper wipe container, glue gun and fabric to cover the plastic container, covering the base and lid separately. This was a very quick craft that can easily be  made on a rainy day or birthday party, (parent supervised if using a glue gun). It is ready to use instantly and would make a great take home party gift.
As American Girl doll's legs do not bend, it may take a bit of balancing at first to get your doll to sit on the bench.  This bench seating works perfectly with the "paint your own stools" from Michaels the craft store that doubles as a doll table (pictured at the beginning of the post). If you do not have a diaper wipe container at home you could always ask around to some moms of little ones you may know or pick up a no named brand at the store and keep the wipes in a plastic bag in the car for sticky emergencies.
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  1. That is so cool. Never thought to do that. I am so going to make one today. It's my craft day!

  2. soo cute,,gotta make some also thanks

  3. nice making one right now