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A wonderful opportunity for Mothers and Daughters in the USA Emily Rose at home

If you are a doll lover and mom like me who loves 18 inch dolls, all the accessories but not the high prices, then I would love to tell you about a great company called Emily Rose at home. I have been following Emily Rose designs for the last three years and am amazed at the quality and affordability of the outfits that they offer their customers. They now have an at home program that is absolutely brilliant.
Emily Rose at home has designed a program where you can attend home shopping parties, similar to other home parties you may have attended only this one has a wonderful program and product that really does help Mom's and Daughters start out in business together.
Even if you do not want to sell the product but  love the idea of attending a home party with your daughter where the items available including the Madame Alexander Dolls are very affordable and fit into almost any ones budget and allowance this is the home party YOU HAVE TO HOST. Emily Rose at home also offers a 100% money back guaranty! Now you have to love that!
If however you are looking for an exciting home party business experience, Emily Rose at home offers 4 ways you can participate each giving you the opportunity to explore the company and reap the rewards.
The first level is the Fun Club is perfect for any doll lover who would like to have the occasional party just for fun… plus get a discount on Emily Rose products. There is no cost for this level .
There is no initial investment to join the Emily Rose @Home Fun Club. The only requirement for joining is that you host a catalog party with retail sales totaling $300 or above with a consultant in another State. This consultant will become your Fun Coach. By hosting your own party you receive:
  • Fun Club Quick Start Guide (eBook)
  • 3 Emily Rose Outfits of our choice. ($55 approx. retail value)
  • 50% off of first retail order up to $150 total full retail value ($75 retail value)
  • 100 Customer Order Forms ($9 retail value)
  • 100 Hostess Order Forms ($13 retail value)*
The first level is the Fun Club is perfect for any doll lover who would like to have the occasional party just for fun… plus get a discount on Emily Rose products. There is no cost for this level .
 The Fun Club has no startup costs, but it does have a $6.95/month fee after the 1st month. 
    As well you will earn 10% commison from the retail value of the items you sell. 10% off All personal purchases as well as a great hostess gift plan. After the first month there is a small monthly fee in a one year commitment that provides you with coaching, support and your 10% discount and commission on your sales.
    For more information on this great plan visit their fantastic website at Emily Rose@ home
    There are 3 other levels you can choose from when you get started with Emily Rose@home the second level called the Education Club. Where Mother and daughters focus on bonding ,education and sales together. Such a wonderful name and program you get some really great perks with this one and the wish crown bunk bed and 4 Emily Rose outfits and fantastic items at great discount prices.Thus allowing you to build your business and your own doll play collections! The other two programs the Income and Entrepreneur club have some truly remarkable opportunities!

    I personally think signing up would be what I would do if I was living in the USA, the program is not yet available in Canada. I love the way that Emily Rose at home has been set up you can enjoy the great programs and products at every level while learning about bushiness and building your own doll play collection.
    I have met a wonderful mom  who like me loves these dolls (and who is a mom of boys as well) She is now an Emily Rose at home representative and I asked her about her experience here is what she shared with me.
    I wanted to know how Amy found out about Emily Rose at Home I was thrilled to learn that just like me she is an Aunt to doll loving girls and was looking for the wow factor for her nieces birthdays, after searching the American Girl doll website she realized that for her to purchase each of her nieces outfits for her dolls was simply out of her price range.Here is what she had to say.
    "I found ER@home quite by accident. I have two nieces, and the older one at the time had an AG doll. I was working on their birthday presents as they are two years and two days apart. I new Molly McGuire didn't have much clothing, so I did a search for 18 inch doll clothes. I had been on the AG site, but I really needed to stick to a budget because my husband is unemployed. I couldn't afford to spend 35 dollars on a birthday gift for one child when I had three kids to shop for as their little brother's birthday is also within a few short days of theirs. I found the Emily Rose site. I then purchased the Brownie outfit. She was a Daisy scout about to bridge into Brownies when I gave her the outfit. When it arrived, I opened it up and I was in love. My son is a cub scout and he was impressed with all the details like the patches embroidered on the vest."
    I asked why she wanted to be an Emily Rose at home representative and she says she  "liked the fact that we could sell where ever, as many of my friends are located in Pennsylvania, and there was no consultant there either so I was not  taking away from anyone else if I have a party up there." Amy  lives in Delaware and can sell to her friends in both states. Amy joined at the income level and tells me that

    "All of the Emily Rose at Home clothing and furniture is tested to CPSIA standards, and still kept at an affordable price. There will be some new styles of both furniture and clothing coming out either by the end of this year or in 2012. New accessories are also on the horizon."
    Personally I am so excited to hear about  this program and hope that some of you are too. I am moved and motivated by the idea of the company and can not wait until it is available here in Canada. I love anything that encourages doll play and this company encourages doll play by allowing you to build your doll play collection and help others enjoy doll play at affordable prices.

    I have also had the great fortune of speaking with Shari Griffin who is also an Emily Rose@home consultant and original member. About the program. This program she tells me is not only a different home party experience but also it is important to understand that this is NOT A MULTI-LEVEL marketing  program. There is support and coaching but NO HARD SELL. The product and the program really have been engineered to support and empower Moms, daughters, Aunts, Grandmothers and doll lovers alike. Weather you are looking to just purchase a great gift or add you to your doll play collection

    I would like to thank Amy and Shari for taking the time to share with me her experience with Emily Rose@ home. If you are interested in the products or parties you can contact Amy directly at 
    or Shari at
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