Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Great Etsy Finds from this shop under $5!

I love a good deal and I love to shop and look on Etsy. I came across this store called http://www.etsy.com/people/FabulousDolling .
I loved the name. Fabulous Dolling is Lori's shop and she offers her customers doll clothes starting at $4.50.

I was drawn to her site by these adorable pajamas's that looked like silk pjs and in my favorite color. I could not believe that she was selling these in her shop for only $4.50. A great deal. So I messaged her to see if she would ship to Canada. She kindly agreed.

Lori also has this adorable coat and hat in her shop a great deal at $10 for both pieces and the jacket is lined!

I asked Lori some questions about her shop and her sewing hobby and here is what she shared with me.
When did you start making doll clothes?
"I started making doll clothes when I was a girl. When I had outgrown playing with
dolls, I started designing and making clothes for them. My interest gradually
transitioned into costuming for real people. I have been costuming for theater
and individuals for many years and never tire of it. When my youngest daughter
started to show a genuine interest in her dolls, I knew it was time for a new
doll wardrobe. But money was tight so I sewed them up myself. I started getting
requests from friends for doll clothes. I had so much fun that I just kept
sewing them. And here I am!"

What motivated you to open your own store?
"I wanted to offer affordable, high quality doll clothing.
I do have to say that making good quality clothing for dolls
is not easy. It is hard to make an attractive, durable
garment in that scale. So those designers who choose to
charge high prices are justified. A lot of work goes into
it. But I wanted to offer doll clothing for those that are
feeling a "crunch" like I was. If I can get a good deal on
the supplies I use, I like to pass the savings onto the
customer. Occasionally you will see higher priced items.
But for the most part, I keep my prices low."

What is your best selling item?
"I haven't been selling for long on Etsy so it is hard
to say what will sell best. However, outside of Etsy,
I have sold and gotten many requests for historical
clothing and fantasy wear (fairies,princesses, etc.)"

What is you favorite pattern to make?
"Because I specialize in historical costuming, those are
my favorite patterns to make. Some of those can be very
detailed and time consuming. I have just started to make
a lot of modern clothing (summer dresses, shorts, etc.)
I enjoy the ease and speed making them. I also have fun
taking special requests. It's always interesting to do
something new and different!"
I am so happy to have found Lori's shop and that she shared her reasons for making doll clothes. 
I love to highlight shops on Etsy and their shop owners and creators because I am a crafter and seller as well. I have been so thrilled with the quality of items for dolls available on Etsy and love that they are handmade by other doll lovers. I love American Girl doll clothing accessories and dolls, as well as Maplelea Dolls and accessories and realize that the items we order from them are made overseas. While I do support and purchase from both of these companies I like that I have an option to buy something hand made and locally sourced as well .
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