Monday, April 8, 2013

Meet Kwil

Today I would like to take a moment to introduce you to Kwil. I have had the pleasure of getting to know him since September and he is such an inspiring little guy I had to share him with all of you.
A little about Kwil from his website...
Kwil is a frizzy-fuzzy green-nosed writer who works, plays, and learns with “Mean Old Mr. M.”–a creative teacher-librarian at two wonderful elementary schools. Kwil believes that when it comes to literacy and creativity we don’t have even a Kwillisecond to wait! :-) As Mr. M. says, “When it comes to education, engagement is everything!”

Kwil and Mean Old Mr. M are a large part of our boys school. Kwil and Mr. M (who is not that mean at all) have been inspiring kids (and their parents also) to write, create and read not just in our school but in our school district and around the world.
Kids in our school write or draw to Kwil, and in our school Kwill writes back with postcards and you can email him.
There are so many wonderful things about this website for parents and kids, additionally I look forward to my email everyday with a Kwil Poem that arrives in my inbox. 
The Kwil Club is an email subscription that delivers free of charge Kwils daily poem and and encouragement to keep writing!
Here is an example of one of the recent poems I got in my in box....


I was so pleased that one of my Artist Trading Cards, created for Mr. M and Kwil made it on to the website!
 Some of you maybe wondering what Kwil has to do with Dolls, well one of my favorite things about American Girl Dolls is the stories behind them. American Girl goes to great lengths to have Authors write engaging stories, Maplelea has a journal with each of their dolls that encourages writing, Australian Girl also has a wonderful book about their dolls. Writing is all around us. Inspiration is too! Writing has much to do with dolls. I write everyday. I think I get better as I go. At least I hope I do. 
Check out by clicking here and check out some wonderfully written books by Mean old Mr. M aka Kalen Marquis by clicking here.
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