Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Aloha, Island Update from Karen, Spotlight on Blue Turtle Collections!

Aloha, from the Island of Oahu. It is 8:20 Island time and for me it is really 11:20 pm. I am beyond tired but excited to share my first Dolly Find on the island for 18 inch dolls.
Today we found ourselves at the Dole Plantation.

I was so pleased to find that their were booth's selling handmade Hawaiian items and even more thrilled to see on display Springfield Doll Collection Dolls Abby, Maria and Emma! American Girl Saige was also on "Vacation" and decked out in her Hawaiian clothes. Barbie and all her Friends were there too! This was truly a highlight of my day!

These ladies were wearing beautifully handcrafted outfits made in Hawaii by  Blue Turtle Collections.
Located at 64-1550 Kamehameha Hwy in Wahiawa, Hawaii.
You can email Blue Turtle Collections at blueturtlehawaii@gmail.com to see about off Island and international orders. I truly wished I had picked up an outfit or two for my dolls today. I am hoping to make it back there before we leave Oahu. Naomi was very busy at her booth and I did not have a chance to interview her but I had to share her work with all of you.
I will write with more Island Updates as I have them.
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  1. Whew here on Oahu? I must know because I am going there really soon so maybe I can check it out!:)

  2. Hi Emily. At the Dole Plantation in their market place. It was towards the back of the store when I went there. That was April 2013!