Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Karen's Island Adventure Update #2

A few days ago we landed on Kona, this is a very different island then Oahu! Still on the look out for dolly treasures and here is what I have found so far. At the Longs Drug Store I found these small Phone Chairs which are perfect for my Mini Ivy who also made the trip.
Priced under $4 and available in so many wonderful colors. I chose red as it is the official color of Kona.
A perfect fit for Mini Ivy! I only wish I could bring some home in my size! Ivy is wishing she had a summer wardrobe too, I must start sewing her some when I get home!
Today we drove up to Hilo and I found these four books in a Sally's Store. They were a dollar each and I could not leave them even though I had Kirsten's Promise. The ride was 3 hours in the van back to our rental house, so I was very happy to have these to read in the van. I read Samantha, Addy and Kaya's books and just loved them.
I took this near the Captain Cook Memorial site April 28, 2013

I have only had one dolly sighting here and it was a mom carrying her three daughters dolls through the farmers market. I did not feel comfortable asking her to pose for a photo as we were all very hot and sweaty that day. I hope tomorrow will bring me more fun Island Fun Finds.
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  1. The lounge chair was a great find for your mini doll. It will be a great keepsake from your trip and excellent price.

    The red doll furniture is a great and easy find for most. We bought ours for the Loving Family dollhouse.

    Enjoy your trip!