Thursday, April 18, 2013

Madelon Shares her Spring Photos From A Recent Trip To Washington!

I have read about but never been to Washington before, I love reading books set on the East Coast of the USA and have loved hearing about the Cherry Blossoms through the characters in some of my favorite Cozy Mysteries.  Today Madelon shares with us the most wonderful photos of Chrissa (who happens to be my favorite doll) visit The United States Capital.

Chrissa's view from park bench!


 Chrissa found a tree to climb by the water and in the distance is the Jefferson Memorial



Chrissa shown here Enjoying the DC Cherry Blossom Festival, "Chrissa and I stopped by the DC tidal basin to view the cherry blossoms in their peak . The Washington Memorial is in the background."

Chrissa models her My Life Boots from Walmart, a great  investment!

Here Chrissa leans against a cherry tree while she and Madelon enjoyed the tidal basin.
A huge thank you to Madelon for these photos and to her husband who circled the block so that Madelon could take these photos to share with us.

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  1. Chrissa looks cute in her dress! Looks fun! :)

  2. thanks for share..