Friday, April 26, 2013

A Birthday Gift I Got In The Mail

My nieces Hannah and Cadence a few year back at "our" birthday party
Today is my birthday! It is also my twin nieces birthdays as well, the three of us are sharing the day in different countries today! So I would like to wish them a Happy Birthday from the Great State of Hawaii!

I wanted to share with you a special gift I got in the mail for my birthday.  My friend Keryn who lives and designs doll clothes in New Zealand knit me this wonderful sweater for my dolls.
Keryn, not only made me this sweater as a gift for my birthday she also is the mastermind behind the popular Stacy and Stella Patterns and is a pattern designer. Her patterns sell on the Liberty Jane Website and are ones I just love!
You can make this wonderful Holiday Sweater  for your dolls in any color. I love that she made mine in blue!!!
You can even make a matching Hat and Scarf! Also avalible on the Liberty Jane Pattern Website!

I feel truly blessed and special to receive such a wonderful handmade gift from so far away! Thank you Keryn for making my birthday extra special!
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    what a great sunny place to celebrate! Have a super day!
    I was going to comment on the post where you found the doll outfits and I thought only you could find doll clothes on holidays, lol!
    Hope you went back and picked a couple outfits out!
    Have a great holiday! Jean

  2. Thanks for the lovely words Karen, so happy you like your sweater!