Thursday, April 11, 2013

Swim Suits for Spring and Summer My Etsy Favorites!

I am packing for a trip to Hawaii this week and was inspired to share with you some of my Etsy Fun Finds today. I love My Girl Clothing Co and am a regular customer. I can attest to the quality and charm for this wonderful Etsy shop personally!
If you are looking for a dolly two piece or a once piece doll suit, start your search at this wonderful shop. I love this Island inspired swim suit and wished I had seen it in time to order for my Hawaii Trip!
More then just great beach wear this is my first stop shop for doll clothes and gifts for my nieces and my own collection. Check out My Girl Clothing Co by clicking here. 

Mena Bella is a shop that I also have several items from. Her bathing suites are well made and her outfits are divine! Check out her shop by clicking here.  
Another truly wonderful Etsy find is this suit beautifully created by LoriLiz Girls&Dolls   this is a fantastic Dolly and me Etsy shop and sure to become a favorite of yours! Click here for Girls&Dolls Etsy Shop!

Another fun Shop is Doll Up My Doll!  Check out the fun outfits offered by clicking here

The last feature today is NatashasSewCreative's Suit. I love the tiny print don't you? Click here for shop and listing!

I better get packing for my trip....only a week or so to go and I still need to figure out away to bring one of my dolls with me!
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  1. Have a wonderful trip. I can't wait to see which doll you bring and all of her adventures.

  2. Thank you! Just 9 days until I go!

  3. You're going to HAWAII?!?!?! TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!! (LOL!) I'm tired of all the snow here in Alberta (it hasn't really been snowing, but it's close-to-the-middle of April, and there's still snow on the ground!). On the bright side, it's SLOWLY melting...

    I hope you have a wonderful trip! :D