Tuesday, August 16, 2011

C H E E R ! for Cheer outfits from this Etsy shop!

I found this great Etsy shop that makes custom cheer outfits for 18 inch dolls and I loved this option!
If you are a girl in Cheer or have a daughter in Cheer and are looking to find a matching team outfit take a look at Doris Vanderfrift's shop http://www.etsy.com/people/nanadory54

For the low price of $19.50 you get to chose the colors of your cheer suit and you can chose from either long sleeve  or no sleeve (my favorite)
The pompoms come with the outfits and are made in the co-coordinating colors and have an elastic built in for the dolls to be able to hold!
The cost of each outfit includes  everything seen here in the colors of your choice and are made with in 3-5 days of your order!
This is one of the best deals on Etsy I have seen!

I asked Doris a bit about her self and her shop and this is what she shared with me.
Here is a bit of our interview
Q:When did you start sewing?
A:I started sewing when I was a little girl, probably about ten years old. I remember sewing my own clothes in 7th grade. My family had six kids, not a lot of money, and for me it was a way to have extra clothes from what my parents would buy us for school.

Q:When did you discover American Girl dolls?
A:Just last year - I realized the popularity.

Q:Who did you create your first American Girl doll outfit for and why?
A:I have three granddaughters who love dolls just their their Nana. Last fall I decided to make clothes for the knock off dolls they had and realized how much fut it is - it allows me to express my creative side. I have now created some of my own patterns. I can sew (which is a passion of mine) and play dress up with dolls of my own as an adult in my spare time. Who says we have to grow up. (I SO AGREE HERE!)

Q:How many 18 inch dolls do you have and who do you use to model for your photos? ( I see the Ag and the Springfield dolls which I also love)

A: Right now I have the AG dolls Molly and Josefina. I have the Springfield dolls as well, which is what my granddaughters have.

All my cheer-leading outfits are special order because there are no two teams alike. That's why I like making these so much - each one is different. And it's fun to let the moms and grandmas be creative

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