Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall in love with the 6 inch American Girl Dolls

I recently purchased my first 6 inch doll at the American Girl store in Seattle. I love this little doll. Every detail of the large doll is in the smaller version. I was also thrilled with the hard cover doll sized book with Rebecca's story in it. 
This year the American Girl Company is celebrating it's 25 year and they have released several of the Historical figures in their holiday outfits. I can not wait to buy Rebecca in hers, I hope they are going to bring her out soon. 
I did get some scoop from the American Girl Company that the last two  dolls in the 6 inch collection from the celebration line are going to be the two new historical dolls that are about to be released.
 I was also thrilled to find that like the larger dolls I can purpose every day items for 6 inch doll sized doll play.

I got this great little wooden rocking chair at a yard sale

Rebecca fits the chair perfectly!

I also found this adorable summer chair that is supposed to be a napkin holder, which works perfectly for a doll chair as well.
I highly recommend these adorable and affordable little dolls. At $22 they are well worth the price and you can play with them, Now my doll has her own doll too.
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  1. Cool! I have mini Molly and mini Samantha.

  2. I LOVE the mini dolls and collect them. Take a look at Ebay. There are some very good prices for them right now. I've never paid the $22 AG price for any mini.

    The big AG bargain of the year in my mind are the new mini NOLA dolls on sale at Amazon for under $15 apiece. Yes, for less than $30, with free shipping and no tax, many of us can get a piece of the new doll action. I am so excited.

  3. I want one really bad!!!


  4. Thank you for the tips! Catherine I will look there. Thank you and thank you Chloe and Priya, I love having feedback!