Monday, August 8, 2011

Have you wondered about American Girl Store parties?

I had the best time at the American Girl doll Store in Seattle and one of my favorite parts was spending time finding out about the birthday party and private parties available at American Girl stores.
The Seattle store has a bistro that you can have a very small party at,just mom and a few friends or you can have the private party room all to yourself with up to 14 girls. Have more friends then that? The bistro can fit as many as 50 for a private party or there is an option I am told where you can rent out the entire store.
A party at the American Girl Store can be a simple or elaborate affair, the choice is up to you.
If you just want to have a small birthday lunch with family or friends it is very possible to celebrate in the bistro at your own table. If you want to do something bigger that option is there.

I mean who doesn't want to sit in this birthday Throne?
For any and all birthday, celebrations or special occasions it is always best to phone any of the stores a head of time to book a time in the bistro or party room and of course order your cake!
The American Girl doll store is very much an experience on it's own  add a birthday party into the mix and you will have a very memorable day for sure.
For the private parties the loot bags for the girls are really something special I understand that the items may change at any time but here is an example of what you can expect in your loot bag.

I can not wait to book a celebration at the bistro for my nieces when they are next in town what a fun experience it will be. I will be honest, I am planning my next trip to the store as soon as possible! Just saving my money for the next trip down. I hope to see some of you there!
I love that in the party room there are special places to put your dolls so they do not get dirty while at the party!

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  1. Oh Karen, I expanded so much on my knowledge of the A.G. Place just in this post! Great Job! It was my dream when I was a little girl to do exactly what those girls in the photos are getting the EXTREME privilege to do! Maybe someday…… ;D
    Rachel Noel
    P.S. I've always wanted to see what was in the Birthday loot bags! LOL it looks as cool as I thought/dreamed :}

  2. Thank you so much Rachel Noel! I was so excited to get the sneak peek.