Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Store Exclusive Tee Shirts are my Guilty Pleasure!

On my trip to the new American Girl doll store in Seattle I picked up my 6th American Girl doll store exclusive tee shirt. Though I have only been to 4 of the stores I have received two from stores I have not been to from some wonderful  people.  I have one on the way from Char my dear friend at   from her recent trip to the DC store.
The store exclusive red tee shirts are only $8 and are a great souvenir for any American Girl doll lover.
The stores have more then a handful of  store exclusives that I recommend and I will share more of them with you tomorrow. 
My goal is to have one red store shirt from each of the 11 American Girl stores and I would like to put them on a large white canvas where they can hang in my work shop when they are not being worn by one of the dolls. If you are curious the store shirts I do have are Dallas, New York, Kansas, L.A., Boston and Seattle.
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  1. I just wanted to tell you that I love your little blog. Whenever I get a new post in my inbox it's like a little present. Keep up the good work,

    Marie from California, U.S. ( I know you know where Cali is, I just like reminding myself that I'm communicating across nations lol!)

  2. Thank you Marie! That really makes my day!